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Sai Srinivas
Founder & Chairman
Sai Parivar Charitable Trust
Address :
Flat No: 103
Yaganti Sikhara,Guzzanagundla
Opp. Current Office, Guntur - 6

N. Durga Prasad
Sri Sri Abhyasiddhi Sairama mandiram (Temple)
Vengalayapalam, Guntur

N. Anannth Sai Kumar

Thota.V.K. Kishore

Sai Sandhesh

I was born to my parents Smt. Namepalli Venkayamma and Sri. Sambayya on 3rd September 1969. I shall remain indebted forever to my childhood friend Varaprasad who introduced me to Sai in 1995. Right at my first sight, I experienced an unknown transition in my state of mind which drove me to the service of Sai. Nalluri ramachandra bhattacharyula garu is a father like figure to me .His blessings led me to establish Sai parivar in Guntur. I am very lucky to have Smt. Roja Rani as my wife as she extends her support to me always in every possible form in whatever I undertake with love and affection. My sons Anantha Kumar and Pavan Kumar encourage me by extending their co-operation and they shall always have the blessings of Sai. With the blessings of lord Sai baba I got an opportunity to establish “Gomandir Charitable Trust ‘’ (2010), ’’Sai Privaar’’ in the year 2010. I am very happy to come up with a new program ‘’Sai Dharma Jyothi’’ which started on Jan 8th 2015 in the holy place of Shirdi and now which is heading towards other places by God’s grace.

My inspiration

Every person in their life meet different kind of people but only few inspire and motivate us. Different people will teach us different things. Few persons inspired me in my journey and they are Bapatla Hanumantha Rao, B.V. Narasimha Rao, Akkirala Bharadwaj, Alluri Gopala Rao, Yemmidishetti Prabhakar Rao and the works of other eminent writers stood as my guidance. Committed devotees, assistants, writers inspired me in the form of Sai and I offer them my sincere salutations. Sri Nalluri ramachandra bhattacharyula garu has been motivating me with his advices and helped me in conceiving activities related to Sai service. He attended and gave a discourse on the occasion of ‘’sai tho oka roju’’ started on 1st Jan 2011.He has been a father-like figure to me and I offer my gratitude and Namaskar’s. This blessing has spread across the state and this program that started in Guntur now is celebrated as a festival in Sai’s temple.

  • We strive to spread the Divine message to one and all.
  • Our aim is to spread teachings and messages of Sri Sai baba.
  • We make every effort to follow the divine path.
  • We lend a hand in providing the service to poor and needy.
  • We come up with innovative spiritual activities, ideas and thoughts.
  • We train people who wish to take part in our activities.
  • We are dedicated and we don’t entertain any sort of offerings.
  • We pray for you and your dear ones.
  • We make an effort to bring peace and prosperity to the entire world.