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N. Durga Prasad
Sri Sri Abhyasiddhi Sairama mandiram (Temple)
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N. Anannth Sai Kumar

Thota.V.K. Kishore

The word Sai spread universally can be seen and heard everywhere. What is the power of the letters in the word Sai? Is it a charm or any mantra? The word Sai is ubiquitous which is used to name children at home or even enterprises in the society. The response to the matra Sai owes definitely to the power in the name Sai. It is Sai’s power that is invested everywhere. This is the absolute truth. This is the reason for the power which is spreading ceaselessly every second.

No one can lead their life without thinking of his roopam or reciting his name. When we try to examine the reason behind this, Lord Sai says that our relationship is everlasting. If we are once in relationship with him, He will protect us endlessly in every birth.

It is a boon for every devotee. The relation that is formed out of desires will lead us towards Sadguru who would show us the most enlightened path for our life. Lord Sai enthralled us and drew us closer by saying “Utterance of my name with love is enough to fulfil their desires”. He gave us dharsan as sadguru, to bond a relation which cannot be separated by anyone. We can attain peace and happiness by worshipping his roopam and surrendering ourselves completely by doing his Seva.

He will be the almighty for one who serves him with Bhakti. For whoever considers him as Sadguru he will be Sachidhananda Samardha Sadguru. He is our mother who gave us birth and he is like our father. There is no place in this universe without him as he is the whole universe which is seen by us.

The word Sai which is chanted and heard everywhere is a key to destroy our sins (sarvapapa haranam). Bhakti tends to change according to the situations. But when it comes to Sai, bhakti cannot be diverted. This is the reason behind the enormous growth in the number of Sai devotees. In every nook and corner lord Saibaba’s temples are being established. Saitattva Pracharamu (activity) is taking place widely. It is not a plot which is lead by someone. In nature whatever happens has a reason. There is a reason beyond every happening.

There is a reason behind this incarnation (avatar). There should be a solution for consequences that are taking place in the present society. Guru is only deemed capable of solving it. As said by Lord Krishna, Sai took a form (avatar) as a new God to re-establish Dharma.

By never revealing his co-ordinates, incarnating as human, by setting Shirdhi as his platform and being creator of the universe he is named Sai by his devotees.

There is no place in the whole universe without the creator himself. That is the reason why we can see the so called form Sai whose name is often recited. It would be a wild goose chase to search for the solution elsewhere when the same lies with us.

So let us be happy by chanting Sairam.