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Sai Srinivas
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Sai Parivar Charitable Trust
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N. Durga Prasad
Sri Sri Abhyasiddhi Sairama mandiram (Temple)
Vengalayapalam, Guntur

N. Anannth Sai Kumar

Thota.V.K. Kishore

Sadguru took form as Sai swarupam to bless his devotees with God’s leela vinoda.

He never dressed himself with pattu pitambaram (saffron robes made out of silk) or embellished himself with ornaments. But there is a hidden power (divya tejassu) which draws us towards him. When we see lord with Bhakti we can’t stop staring. When we feel lord as Sadguru and do his Seva we realize a pleasant experience.

Sai devotees undergo numerous experiences. We take great pleasure always by recalling lord’s idol or by seeing his photographs. It is not an overstatement to say that Shirdhi sai is recognized not only in India but to the whole world. Lord Sai baba when alive blessed a devotee with swapna shakshatkaram which shows a replica of an unseen bhangima (posture) and also which helped in the making of a marble statue. In shirdi it took a form in Samadhi mandir and is serving devotees as a kalpavriksha. It is today in every town cherished as kamadhenu. The Idol exhibits the veerasana pose of lord Sai with right leg resting above the left. The inner meaning of this posture cannot be explained in words. Sadgurus leelatattva is understood only when right leg’s thumb is seen across the gap of his fingers. One who thinks normally expects only his darshan. The one who is in search of Gyanamarga surrenders himself to the divine feet completely.

The left foot is considered to fulfil only our desires. Right foot helps us by providing the required atma sakshatkaram and jenmarahityam. But we mostly pay attention to the left foot. The inner meaning of right foot can be known only by overlooking Maya. By fulfilling the desires with the left foot and by slowly drawing interest towards the right by providing Parinati and one who leads his life by following Gurumarga is absolved from the bhavasagara by the blessings of sai. This is the essence of the sitting posture of the lord Sai.

The sitting posture of lord Sai conveys a message. The ultimate aim is to provide Gyanamarga by setting Guruparampara as a platform and by practising Nishkama karma and the parabrahma personifying seva is nothing but sai swarupam.

The responsibility of Sai devotee is to lead life by recalling Sai swaroopam and being aware of this ultimate truth. So, let’s be happy by chanting sairam.