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Sai Srinivas
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Sai Parivar Charitable Trust
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N. Durga Prasad
Sri Sri Abhyasiddhi Sairama mandiram (Temple)
Vengalayapalam, Guntur

N. Anannth Sai Kumar

Thota.V.K. Kishore

I was born to my parents Smt. Namepalli Venkayamma and Sri. Sambayya on 3rd September 1969 and I started my life playing with my younger brother Chinni Venkateswarulu but my life has undergone many unexpected twists.

I shall remain indebted forever to my childhood friend Varaprasad who introduced me to Sai in 1995. This proved the very statement of Sai that he would draw closer his devotees to himself by any means.

Right at my first sight, I experienced an unknown transition in my state of mind which drove me to the service of Sai. After succeeding many tests and trials, I was blessed with his vision and conversation in my dreams and obtained his sight in live.

Meritorious actions in my former birth have made me come closer to sri Shivarama Dixit sampradayakulu rajashri achalananada peetamu Vinukonda peetadhipatulu sri sri sri swamy Achalananda in the year 2002. I feel blessed as my spiritual journey still continues under his supervision. His love and affection are protecting me and making me move further. I bow my head and pay my gratitude by offering flowers to their lotus feet.

By the year 2007, after having completed 108 saptahams, Sai made me instrumental for composing the Sri Sai Amrutavarshini, an experience that I cannot describe. Still the books are found in the hands of thousands of devotees as a bible, Nityaparayana Grandham. Lord Sai’s grace will never make me forget my responsibility. Day by day it drew me closer to Sai which in turn brought me closer to Bhagvan Golagamudi Venkaiah Swamy in the year 2008.

I got a great opportunity to author the sacred book Sri Venkaiah Swamy Leelaamrutham with the help of Sri Veeluri Ramanaidu garu, native of Nagula Vellaturi, who is an intimate assistant of SriVenkaiah Swamy garu and who collected a significant number of leelas of Sai. In that way I was blessed to render services to him. From that day I consider myself fortunate enough to participate in his service. I offer my salutations to my guru pujya Sri Velluri Ramanaidu garu (Cheerala), a Sai upasak who made me aware of spiritual matters and also made me closer to Venkaiah Swamy garu. I express my gratitude to sri sri sri Shiva Keshav garu by offering flowers to his lotus feet. Indeed being a knowledgeable person and being a famous yogacharya who taught me dhayanayoga methods which are required for saitattva pracharamu, he is the one who made me a good Sai devotee in the society and also being a Patanjali yogashikshak and also establishing lord Sainadha’s temple. From 2006 till now, his suggestions and hints made me reach heights which I can never forget.

By establishing Saitattva prachara sevasamasta in the year 2010, on 10th December we carried out a event called shatabdhi aarathi with the help of thousands of people successfully which remains as a milestone.

Sri Nalluri ramachandra bhattacharyula garu has been motivating me with his advices and helped me in conceiving activities related to Sai service. He attended and gave a discourse on the occasion of ‘’sai tho oka roju’’ started on 1st Jan 2011.He has been a father-like figure to me and i offer my gratitude and Namaskar’s.This blessings has spread across the state and this program, that started in Guntur now is celebrated as a festival in Sai’s temple.

His blessings led me to establish Saiparivar in Guntur. With the help of the TV channel Bhakti TV, I could endear myself to the devotees of Sai by expounding Sainadha Bhagavatam. With the mercy of Sai and support from his ardent devotees, I am able to conduct activities successfully with enthusiasm and excitement. I do not take any credit for all this. In the journey of promoting Saitatva, I was rendered with the assistance by the suggestions, experiences and hints of many Sai devotees and the works of many writers inspired me vigorously. Bapatla Hanumantha Rao, B.V. Narasimha Rao, Akkirala Bharadwaj, Alluri Gopala Rao, Yemmidishetti Prabhakar Rao and the works of other eminent writers stood as my guidance. Committed devotees, assistants, writers inspired me in the form of Sai and I offer them my sincere salutations.

According to Shastras, human form is regarded as the best. I bow my head and offer my salutations to Lord parabhrahma Sachidaananda Sadguru Sainadha Maharaj who has sent me to this world in human form as a devotee to him.

I offer infinite salutations to my revered late father Sri. Namepalli Sambayya and to my dearest mother Smt. Namepalli Venkayamma who cares me as an infant even now with utmost love and affection.

I am very lucky to have Smt. Roja Rani as my wife as she extends her support to me always in every possible form in whatever I undertake with love and affection.

AsI am dedicated to the service of Sai, I find very little time to spend with my children. My sons Anantha Kumar and Pavan Kumar encourage me by extending their co-operation and they shall always have the blessings of Sai.

Meritous actions performed in the former life count a lot. By the grace of Sai, everything is running smoothly in my life gifted by him. He is the sole means of my existence and actions. I am just a character in the play directed by him. I plead Sai to let me remain same without falling for the charm of this material world till my last breath.

I pray Sai to endow joy and prosperity to the universe.